fragmentary biography

Month: July, 2014

On the ugly truth

If you have a lower tolerance for ugly people’s problems than you do for those of the more beautiful, does that mean you are a bad person or simply that you are damaged from watching too much TV? 


On knowing what’s best (for others)

The woman was going on and on about her boyfriend and his anger problems and her own abandonment issues and she just wanted to go over there, grab her by the shirt and yell at her face: “Lady, he’s never gonna change, you both clearly need therapy, so please shut up about your stupid relationship and get your ass up and leave him, you freakin loser!” But instead, she put on her sunglasses and tried to close her ears, thinking that people are just so lame. They have the lamest problems.

On love is never lost

Better to have loved and lost than to die a horny virgin.
As the old saying goes.

On dedicated obsession

Some people dedicate their lives to helping the poor, finding the cure for cancer or fighting for human rights. Others take that same exact amount of energy and use it to obsess about their relationships.