fragmentary biography

Month: September, 2013

On skills

“… I mean, you’ve got so much going for you: you’re pretty
and you know all these languages! You could probably do anything!”
As if batting your eyelashes and saying a few words in French was the ultimate fix.


On positive thinking

At least her OCD wasn’t as bad as she’d thought, because then she never would have lost her house keys in the first place. This could actually be a sign of mental stability.

On adultmess

She wished there was a way that she could have a kid’s responsibilities but an adult’s possibilities. An emotionally and financially stable adult, that is, not the neurotic, unbalanced, extravagant, head-in-the-clouds semi-adult she’d become.
But a real grown up. Only without the messy do it yourself-part.

On far-sighting

“Look how beautiful it is” the girl in row six said dreamily.
“It looks so perfect from up here.”

On tickets

“One for Gatwick Airport, please” she said.
The ticket lady waved her hand behind the counter:
“Can I come, can I come, I’ll go anywhere!!”
She probably meant it, too.

On dealing

She knew there were two ways of dealing with anxiety: talking about it or buying expensive underwear that make your boobs perky and your ass pop. For the most part, she would go with the second approach.