fragmentary biography

Month: August, 2013

On keeping a diary

You read those notes and you wish you could go back in time and tell your old self that it’ll get better. You’d tell yourself that it’ll get better and it’ll get worse and then it’ll get better again and that’s just how it is and how it will be.


On stating the obvious

“Don’t get me wrong, but I think you might could need some therapy on this.”
Well, like, duh.

On investments

Because it seemed like such a good investment and because everyone always says you really should invest, you forgot for a while that you’re really the one who’s supposed to jump ships. And now here you are with all your boxes and your no control, thinking maybe you shouldn’t have invested in anything at all.

On fight or flight

There are times when you’re neither tough enough nor fast enough. 

On space

Space. It can be a) this infinite void with planets and stars and black holes.
Or b) something you or other people may need. Either one or the other.

On faults

“It’s my fault” the boy calmly stated.
“Oh, no, no honey, it’s not your fault!” she exclaimed, horrified.
“Yes it is because I coughed and I didn’t put my hand in front of my mouth
and then daddy got my germs and then he died.”
He picked up his crayon again, kept coloring in black.

On communication

Communication is like the master key to all succesful relationships.
Talking about feelings and stuff is crucial if you want to have one.
So that pretty much sucks.

On complications, part 2

You try to keep it simple, try to not fuck things up too much, but then again, life itself is just one gigantic complication, right?

On Martians

So this John Gray-fella. He might really be on to something, actually.