fragmentary biography

Month: May, 2013

On salvation

Rumour had it Coach B had been a real wild one before he got saved.
God, how she wished she’d known him back then.


On work v. home

And work felt like home while home was just quiet and empty
and the phone never rang either because she had told him not to call.

On Mondays

Monday again. Less time to think about making turkey for Thanksgiving,
gardening and living happily ever after.

On crisis management

She drove to her mother’s house and slept for eleven hours.

On what they tell you

Pop culture will tell you that the most romantic thing is to wait for your love,
to really fight for your love,
that in the end, true love will prevail.
In reality, though, people don’t wait for each other. Right?

On what she wants

She wants him to keep away, she wants him to come stay forever.
She wants to focus on her career, she wants to have his children.
She wants to keep her independence, she wants to carry his last name.
She needs him to keep away. She needs him to come stay forever.

On what he wants

“I tried to keep away, but I want to hear from you. I want to talk to you.”
And it hurts to breathe again, it’s so hard to breathe again, can’t he see that he makes it so god damn hard to breathe all over again?

On convenience

Her looks were such that men usually wanted to take care of her.
It was convenient, at times.