fragmentary biography

Month: April, 2013

On things they expect you to do

Hook up your cable, recycle all trash, shave your legs, know about interest, file your nails, change tires, exercise, keep a balanced diet, have a job, pay bills, read protocols, clean your windows, have insurance, wash your hair, mingle with strangers, have hot sex, fall in love, backup your hard drive, choose electricity supplier, act responsibly.
It’s enough to drive a sane person mad.


On enough

Her grandmother woke up every morning, wishing it would be her last.

On shopping

“I’m thinking about getting it” she heard herself say.
As if buying apartments and paying mortgage and stuff was like, normal, or whatever.

On games

┬áBy now, she had learned to play the Adult Game quite well. The main rule is to put on a suit and act as if you know exactly what you’re doing.

On kevlar

No one’s bullet proof. Ain’t no armour against life.

On living

When it’s good, it’s so good.