fragmentary biography

Month: February, 2013

On rebound

Shouldn’t be so hard: Get naked. Get laid. Get over.
Really, it shouldn’t.


On complexity

Though she was a hardcore feminist, she still kind of liked them alpha males.
It’s not a perfect world, right?

On uniforms

You put on this uniform and suddenly people expect you to be, talk and act in a certain way. It’s┬áincredibly exhilarating and extremely irritating at the same time.

On what he’s doing

He probably loves her. He’s probably getting married.
He’ll probably live happily ever after.

On out-of-body experience

It’s like you look at yourself from the outside and you go:
“how the hell did I end up here?”.

On not caring

She wanted to call him. She wanted to call him and say:
“Look at me now, see how little I care!”

On the army

They tell you what, when and where.
It’s pretty liberating, to not have a mind of your own.