fragmentary biography

Month: December, 2012

On old family and new traditions

There should be some kind of award for spending the holidays
with your old family’s new family.


On not going home for Christmas

“I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas” she said and gave him┬áthe cookies.
“Oh, thank you! Merry Christmas to you too!” he smiled.
He smiled and she smiled as people rushed past them to catch their trains.
And then she went home and he did not.

On papers

She got the papers yesterday. They said next year will be different.
They say next year will be better.

On apologies

“You’ve had so many opportunities, chances I wish I’d had” he said, matter-of-fact.
She remembered the stuff he’d told her. About the empty fridge. About his baby brother.
“I know, I’m sorry” she apologized, because someone ought to.

On things you like

“I’m so sick of having no money” her friend complained.
“Well, maybe if you downsized a little…” she suggested.
“No! No way! You can’t expect me to move to a smaller apartment when I…
when I like to live large!”

On situations

Her mother was great in situations of crisis.
In situations of everyday life, though, she could be so freaking annoying.

On giving v. receiving

They say it’s better to give than to get.
They’re so full of shit.