fragmentary biography

Month: October, 2012

On Murphy’s law

It’s sort of impressive, how the most insignificant things still manage to
fuck themselves up so royally.


On breakfast

Before breakfast, you could actually see her abs.

On literature

“I don’t know…  Older, experienced man teaches young, innocent virgin everything his kinky little misogynist mind knows? Isn’t that against our ideology, or something?”
“Fuck ideology. I’m a feminist all day long, I think have the right to some fictional male domination!”

On comprehension

The fact that your parents are actual people. That they have history, feelings and problems of their own. That they existed before you were born.
It’s like impossible to comprehend.

On freestyling

“So, you know what to say tomorrow? At the meeting?”
There was a meeting? Tomorrow?

On worries

“I’m a little worried about you. Lately, I’ve been
thinking about you a lot and I’ve been a little worried.”
“I’m fine” she replied, and lately, it was almost true.


On talking

“If you had spoken up” he said. “Things were so much easier back then.”
“What would you have said if I did?” she asked.
“I could have spoken up too” he said.

On coaching

 “What can I do you for?” her coach would say, jokingly inverting the word order.
Well, at least she thought it was jokingly. Back then.

On old friends getting older

What’s really weird is that the woman juggling a screaming toddler in one hand and a full grocery bag in the other is the same person that you used to play dress up with only yesterday.

On phone calls

There is also the waiting for that other kind of phone call, the kind that could and would change pretty much all of it. The kind of phone call that would steer your life in this whole new direction. If one of these days he actually did end up calling, she would tell him that by now his call had become secondary.