fragmentary biography

Month: September, 2012

On years

And before you even know it a year has gone by and them sad songs don’t make you cry any more and you no longer remember how he smelled and you have finally washed away the imprint of his hand on your hip and you have so many other big things on your mind. And you realize that it is not so much getting over as learning to live with.


On writers

A writer is someone who makes a good story out of a bad experience.

On scholarships

She spent years getting her grades up, months cramming for her SATs, weeks filing the paperwork and days working on her application letter.  In the end, though, they said it was her “cute smile” that made them pick her.

On meetings

Meetings are so the definition of cool until it becomes
your job to like actually attend them.

On weddings

So her best friend got married and the ceremony was beautiful and the party was fantastic and the speeches were funny and the food was tasty and the guests were great and she wore her sexy red dress and she had her hair up and she only thought of him like a million painful times.

On instructions, part 2

Man over the age of 50:
1. It is called handshake, not handbreak.
2. There is a distinct difference between firm and abusive.
3. Let go in due time.
Please follow these simple guidelines. No one will think less of you.
You will still be a Man.

On life

“… it was basically a tough, but good year” she concluded.
The recruiter raised an eyebrow.
“That, too? It seems all of your years have been tough, but good?”
She contemplated this for a minute.
“Well, yeah. Isn’t that how life is, anyways?”

On country comfort

It was comforting to know that at any given situation, there would always be some country singer somewhere who had lived through exactly the same thing.

On supply and demand

“What I don’t understand is how someone like you could possibly be single” the man slurred, trying hard to stay upright and get his eyes pointing in the same direction.

On crossing

There’s a fine line between remarkable excellence and unrestrained stupidity
and she certainly spent time on both sides of it.