fragmentary biography

Month: August, 2012

On socializing

This social media thing. So incredibly useful and entertaining.
It takes stalking to a whole other level.


On power

 “Dear customer, it is now time for you to re-sign your electricity agreement. Please choose from one of the options below.” What did she look like, an adult?

On faking it

She looked around, looked at the smiling crowd on the dance floor.
“Just fake it!” her friend shouted, put her hands in the air.

On easy

Every time she stopped at that traffic light by the old hospital, she would think about when she had been practice driving with her mother. She had dreaded that traffic light. She had prayed it would turn green before she got there so that she wouldn’t have to stop and start again. It’s amazing, how easy everything is once you know how to do it.

On Estonia

They had been there every early morning, every late afternoon. Bent by life and labor. They were sweeping leaves in fall, they were clearing the streets from snow in winter. Retirement was a luxury they could not afford.

On goodness

When her family was good, they were so good that it was impossible to understand how that was not enough. 

On diamonds

“I’m pregnant” the girl told her. They were standing in the doorway, exchanging notes after history. “And I’m scared. I’m so scared.” She had no idea what to reply.
All of a sudden, that diamond did not look as shiny any more.

On instructions

Man over the age of 50 contemplating flirtation with woman some 25 years your junior, look in the mirror and ask yourself: am I George Clooney?
If yes, pursue. If not, don’t.

On starvation

“I mean, some of these married men with children” her friend said “they’re just so desperate for attention. They’ll do anything. It’s like they’re starved, or something.”

On summer swims

When had it become so much more important to not get her hair wet, to not mess up her make-up, to not lose one of her contacts than to make that
one perfect cannonball jump?