fragmentary biography

Month: July, 2012

On giving

She was a blood donor for two reasons: 1. To pay it forward, remembering what had once been given to her. 2. To be able to tell other people that she was a blood donor.
You’re not A Good Person until someone else tells you so.


On wedding planners

“You know, they might love you and all, but you’re here to work!”
And here she thought all she had to do was walk down the aisle and smile.

On playmates and location

“Hello. You look like Kendra!”
 “I’m sorry, who?”
“Kendra. She’s on tv. She has her own show. She used to live in the Playboy Mansion. She used to be married to this…”
“Hugh Hefner?”
“Yes, yes! But now she’s married to this baseball player. I saw you, and thought maybe you were Kendra.”
“Eh, no, sorry. I’m not her.”
“Oh, well, have a nice day anyways!”
It was comforting, knowing that anyone could be playmate of the year. It was just a matter of location.

On stereotypes

“No, no, but you’ll like her! She’s not the stereotype!” she overheard her friend say on the phone. It actually hurt a little. As it happened, she was dying to be the stereotype.

On trust

His feet were bare. His eyes were yellow and bloodshot. He was wearing a torn raincoat as he carefully led her away from the crowds, onto deserted pathways. “I’ll either get robbed, killed or raped” she thought cynically, but followed him anyways.
Later, she regretted only giving him $7 for the tour.
Honouring her newfound trust should have been worth more. 

On epiphanies

Life is so much better when you’re happy than when you’re sad.
Baby, dry your eyes, she thought.

On Americans

She ran into the American in the hallway. She had first seen him earlier that night, having dinner alone just like herself. As it turned out now, he was just next door. They had coffee. He was nice. Sort of cute. Later that night, she knocked on his door.
“Eh, hm, I’m actually married” he stuttered.
Seriously, this moving on thing was just exhausting. 

On still

She would see them leaving the orchards at sundown. They would start walking along the road, hoping to catch a ride somewhere. She wondered about their lives, wondered if they were happy. A few days later, she turned on the TV and found that there had been a terrible accident. A truck carrying 45 fruit pickers had been crushed under a freight train. She wondered about the people she had seen.
Wondered if they were still there.

On thinking about Norway

She thought about love and hate, she thought about courage and fear. She thought about those whose lives were stolen from them and she thought about those who survived the unthinkable. She thought that tolerance and understanding of all of our differences was the most important thing we people can give one another and she hoped we would never be able to comprehend the incomprehensible.
She thought about Norway and the world we all live in.

On falling water

The water came down and down and there was no end to it.
She felt small and insignificant and it was exactly what she had been hoping for.