fragmentary biography

Month: January, 2012

On truth

“Why are you running? What are you running away from?” He whispered close to her ear. “I don’t know” she said. Obviously, it was a lie.


On moving

The first night at a new place was always the best. You never felt more alive. From now on, anything could happen. The first night at a new place was always the worst. You never felt so lonely. From now on, it was up to you.

On grandfathers

Her grandfather had worked at a coffin factory. Since people kept dying all the time, they always had a lot of business. 300 nails per coffin, 10 coffins a day for 45 years. It was sort of ironic, to make coffins for a living.

On counting

In her early teens, she briefly considered giving eating disorders a try, though in the end she didn’t. She was good at math, but she just didn’t like it that much.

On reality

Growing up, the Northern part of America seemed like this promised land. Then one day she was finally old enough to go see for herself. Turned out it was nothing like the movies. Turned out is was everything like the movies.

On ice

Every morning, she carefully balances her high heels on the frosted winter streets while secretly wishing she would fall and break a bone of some kind.

On responsibility

Like all children, she blamed herself for her parents misery. Everybody knows it’s a smooth ride until the second child comes.

On strangers

When she was newborn, she needed an acute blood transfusion. Sometimes she would think of the stranger who gave her life in exchange for a T-shirt or maybe a lunch coupon.

On protection

For almost a year, she lived in a basement apartment with metal bars on the windows. They were supposed to make her feel safer, but instead they just added to her feeling of isolation.

On mothers

Her mother’s with this new man now. At least he’s good at repair work.