fragmentary biography

On inbetweeners

Their retirement community was squeezed in between a prison and a cemetery, but they
didn’t seem to get the irony of that.

On challenges for the impaired

Sometimes, she felt as if they were both contestants in the Paralympics of relationships.

On happily ever afters

More like “anxiety ever after”, but they, them bastards, start rolling the credits
and pretend like nothing.

On crying at the office

Why can’t people just suck it up from 9 to 5 and then go bawl at their shrink’s
like normal people do?

On leaving the shallow end

Her grandfather told her that decades back, when he’d tried to teach his baby brother how to swim, he’d just thrown him into the deep and the pure shock of it had forced him to learn. That could be a metaphor, right?

On staying in your fears

Some dream of white weddings and happily ever after. Others just hope and pray there will be a phase where one doesn’t have to breathe through a paper bag half the time.

On thought

“Don’t think so much” they would say. As if it was an actual option.

On relationship dyslexia

Either she failed when trying to put the little pieces together, or she got that part right but then misinterpreted the bigger meaning. She should be entitled to special aid,
like other dyslectics. 

On prosthetic distraction

Her therapist has a prosthetic hand. She knows she should focus on staying in her fears and reaching out to her inner child and stuff, but that hand is very distracting.

On flaw-bla-bla

It’s the little flaws and cracks that make a person interesting. (Or defected.)


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